Love, Romance and Aphrodisiacs.

I can't tell you how to find love.  And in my experience love finds you, you don't find it. What I can say about love is that it transcends romance and should permeate every extension of our existence. Love is not just for lovers, it is for all of us. We are all, therefore, lovers in the highest sense.


If you are a meditative person, and I hope you are, meditate on love. Let it radiate from you like the golden light of the sun. It will act like a magnet pulling you towards a future that will be full up with love.  We focus on the one aspect of love and forget that love is a multifaceted gem. Romance is great yet so is every other type of love.


I am all about family love, neighborly love, love for nature - all love, really! Still, there is a time when we highlight this romantic type of love. So, I will wax a little less philosophical and share some romantic notions both vegan and indigenous in nature.


I still remember the first meal I cooked for my now husband. I made him wild rice and he is not a fan of wild rice. Not the romantic meal I had envisioned! Yet still we made it past that plated blunder (and many others) to a place of mutual culinary coziness.


The is no perfection in love or on a plate. Both love and lunch thrive with touch of an artist, of a lover. So if you plan on making a meal for your beloved, let the love flow through you as you prepare their food. Intentionally make your love the first ingredient. It can only help your efforts!


Now onto a more blood pumping topic: aphrodisiacs! Most people will probably not put a lot of stock into the true potency of any given edible love elixir. I can understand why, with so many strange things being labeled as aphrodisiacs. Who could sort them out? Well, I have a simple rule of thumb to regulate which ones I deem valid. I just ask this question: Does it improve circulation?


Did you ever think of circulation as romantic or sexy? Turns out it plays a big role in romantic activities. Poor circulation (often due to blockages and other heart issues) can lead to decreased activity levels and even impotence. That's the opposite of what we are looking for when it comes to romance! We want to promote virility and vitality.  Vitality is sexy and vitality is built on a foundation of healthy heart circulation.


So to make your partner feel zesty and romantic feed them the proper aphrodisiacs. All of the following aphrodisiacs promote circulatory health and are indigenous to the Americas. Let's start with breakfast:


Stare at your lover over a cup of hot coffee. I don't personally like having coffee because it gives me heart palpitations but if you can enjoy it without the jitters, drink up for love!


Make Chocolate Acai smoothie bowls! Per bowl just blend 1 pack of frozen Acai (usually 4oz), 1 banana, 1/4 cup nondairy milk of choice, ½ cup ice, 1-2 tablespoons cocoa powder or cacao nibs. For fun toppings can include fresh berries,  shredded coconut and/or sliced strawberries.


Lunch: Anything! Just add cayenne pepper and/or avocado for an added aphrodisiatic boost.


Dinner: Again, I wouldn't dare to impede your creative culinary endeavors so cook away! Just add the herb Savory to spice up your evening.


Other native herbal aphrodisiacs*:  Damiana, Guarana, American Ginseng, Deer's Toungue Leaf (Vanilla Leaf), Maca and Echinacea.

*Please remember to exercise caution when using any herbs and heed any warnings or directions associated with your chosen herb(s). Please consult your doctor if you or your parter have any heart or relevant health issues.


I hope you are finding all kinds of love in your life and I hope that it's delicious! Enjoy!


Acai bowl with berries on my Instagram.